Playground Construction

Indoor Playground Construction at Tellogleion Foundation

16/10/2017, Projects

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, A Vital Breath of City Life

Published at German magazine Baumeister, October 2017 issue

01/10/2017, Publications

Design of Kids Spaces

03/09/2017, Projects

Indoor Playground Design

Design and Modeling of an Indoor Playground at Tellogleion Foundation

10/07/2017, Projects

Green: The Color of the Soul

Published at Glow Magazine Issue July/2017

05/07/2017, Publications

Boutique Hotel in Myconos

Interior Design for a Hotel in Ag. Ioannis, Myconos, Greece

12/05/2017, Projects

Pet Project presentation

At Glow Magazine May/2017

01/05/2017, Publications

Kids Room Redesign

30/11/2015, Projects

Lecture at Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITH)

I was honored to give a lecture during workshop about the area of Delta of Axios and how to create a link with the city of Thessaloniki

21/05/2015, Events

New Seaside of Thessaloniki, published at Topos #89

I am so honored to be published at Topos magazine, this time for a project in my home town...
Thessaloniki is among Copenhagen, New York and other major cities where "creating places", as suggested in the issue, arise from projects of public use.

06/02/2015, Publications

Construction of schoolyard, almost done!

Design of Municipality of Thessaloniki

28/03/2014, Projects

Delta-City Promenade

Linking Thessaloniki to the delta green areas

09/09/2013, Projects