Who said that bridges are only to connect the sites?

Norway, author, 22/12/2011

The Danish Architecture Center (DAC) in Copenhagen organized the exhibition DETOUR DK and the most projects presented proposed an alternative use of the bridge.

These bridges placed in Norway form the perfect “shelters” for the drivers and tourists to take a breath during a long journey around the country and at the same time the nature takes their breath!

These places usually incorporate in their design the “snake form” of the national roads. The view from the top is dominated by the surrounding wild nature and at the same time the visitors feels awe for the landscape, but also for the human achievements and the miracles of engineering.

The goal, as described in the exhibition brief, “is to attract travellers and provide pleasant driving experiences as well as to reinforce the business community and promote settlement in rural areas.”

Since the Norwegian Parliament and Government initiates the National Tourist Routes, it remains a question how these places over the world could be organized under a further political strategy and landscape architecture, not always associated with food and coffee consuming or shopping.

Some of these places attract people as observation places; multiple uses constructions, amphitheatrically formed with small isolated seating places for resting and meditation or just viewing platforms like in Gudbrandsjuvet from Jensen & Skodvin Architects (nominated for the 2009 Mies van der Rohe Award for Architecture) or resting areas for picnic or fishing at Hellage from architect Inge Dahlman. Some of these places could be places of art and memory like the project of Peter Zumthor in collaboration with artist Louise Bourgeois, and Snøhetta.

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