Therapy Garden for Immigrant Women

Copenhagen, Denmark, workshop leader, 03/06/2013

The project was assigned during Ecoweek 2013, Nordic Living in Copenhagen where as I was invited to participate as a workshop leader. The final design was selected by local authorities in order to be implemented and further constructed!

The garden  is located in Bispebjerg Bakke, a place  with a lot of cultural diversity. 
The purpose of the garden is to be a part of the healing process for immigrant women with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
According to environmental psychology and landscape architecture researches, people with traumatic past can restore a positive view of themselves from nature. When designing the garden the needs of a person with PTSD were highly prioritized. 

Less demanding environment
Plurality of choices
Variety of senses

Free growing areas
High value of diversity
Natural and living materials
A combination of furniture arrangement
Influences from the womens origin country

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