Delta-City Promenade

Thessaloniki- Copenhagen, Author, 09/09/2013

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, based on size and population, located in the Northern part of the country.

Although a seaside city, it lacks green spaces and nature life. However, there exists a great opportunity to increase green space and natural life, in less than 8 km from the city centre where two rivers flow into the Thermaikos Gulf. This “Delta” area is actually made of two deltas, from Gallikos and Axios rivers, Axios being the largest river in Greece. The area provides green nature, animal life, view of the city and a great escape, a “get away” from the intense, demanding city life.

Even if the river deltas provide an alternative nature landscape, this area is today unexploited, a wasteland, almost inaccessible and remains, for most of the Thessaloniki residents, unknown and/or never visited.

The goal of this thesis is to reverse this perception and transform the area into an alive place, as well as to provide an escape to nature. In other words, to embrace the water, expand the urban life through multiple and diverse activities, increase visitation, accessibility and safety. 

The link between the city and nature will be a promenade of activities, paths and resting points along side of it. This “Delta” area is going to be a mixed place with pedestrian and cycle friendly streets, paths and spots with lots of vibrant meeting points and active street life. It should be easy and attractive to move around in more ways than just by car. The meeting places will be designed for all weather conditions, seasons and times of the day, including night time, to ensure that all parts of the area are populated most of the day. It will be also considered as an accommodation area that creates a varied city life and a more interesting range of services.

It is very important to add this piece of land into Thessaloniki’s present limited urban green space in order to increase the percentage of overall green spaces and, therefore, improve the quality of life and the environmental values.